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The Crannóg Project have collated, curated and developed resources in response to the areas highlighted by those Heads, Deans and Vice-Deans who have engaged with us over the 2 year project period.

Most resources are themed and themes are best accessed via the ‘Topics‘ page.

You can also browse through the items to the right and below, for a particular format of resource: video, ‘focus on’ document, or podcast.

A number of ‘Focus On’ document resources have been created as part of the Crannóg project. These resources curate existing materials into short “what you need to know”-style briefs on key topics in Leading in Teaching and Learning. Most of these resources are linked to podcasts, videos, research papers, etc available from the Topics menu page.

Focus on the First Year

Focus on Graduate Attribute Statements

Focus on Assessment

Focus on Feedback from Students

Focus on Reverse Mentoring

Focus on Feedback to Students

Listen to Lee O’Farrell as he talks about work he undertook with the National Forum in the area of Data Analytics for enhancing the student experience.

The key points of Lee’s interview are captured in this summary document.


Listen to Naomi Winstone as she talks about her research on maximising the potential of feedback to support student learning.

The key points of Naomi’s interview are captured in this summary document