Leading the School in Assessment

Assessment is never far from the thoughts of any student or academic.  We have often heard of ‘assessment being the tail that wags the dog’, in terms of student engagement and assessment, which somewhat trivialises the importance of assessment in education for, as, and of learning.  Given the importance of assessment for certification, engagement and as a tool for learning, one would expect that there is little left to learn in using assessment in appropriate and effective ways.  Yet, there is a sustaining scholarship on assessment and how to best integrate good assessment practice in to our Teaching and Learning.

Part of good assessment practice is providing timely feedback to students, which can be a challenge for many.  There is a growing body of research on feedback to student on their learning, and so we dedicate a resource and information page to this topic separately:  Feedback to Students on Assessment and Learning.

Profile of Assessment Practices in Higher Education 

The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education has researched extensively Assessment practices in Irish Higher Education.

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